2009 KITTEN OF THE YEAR (All Breeds) ... ShakesPURR's Every Inch A King!!!

2009 5th Best KITTEN OF THE YEAR (All Breeds) … ShakesPURR’s Winter’s Tale

2009 10th Best KITTEN OF THE YEAR (All Breeds) … ShakesPURR’s Lord Of Jealousy. Marlise … thank you SO much for showing “LJ” so beautifully this year!

2009 RUBY CAT OF THE YEAR (All Breeds) … ShakesPURR’s Thine Eyes I Love. Hennie & Susan … Thank you from the bottom of my heart for maintaining “Seuna” so perfectly throughout the year!

2009 TOP 20 NEUTER FINALIST (All Breeds) … ShakesPURR’s Don Pedro. Leigh and Hein … I have no words to express how much I appreciate the way you guys have presented both “Donny” and “Teddy” this year, they were groomed to perfection at every show. I hope next year will be a big year for you!

2009 GARS Qualifiers … ShakesPURR’s Thine Eyes I Love, ShakesPURR’s Till It Be Morrow, ShakesPURR’s For Goodness’ Sake!, ShakesPURR’s Queen Elizabeth, ShakesPURR’s Infinite Variety, ShakesPURR’s Such Stuff As Dreams, ShakesPURR’s Justify The Wrong, ShakesPURR’s Don Pedro and ShakesPURR’s My Heart Of Hearts!

2009 DAM OF THE YEAR (All Breeds) … Flamboyant Mojo L’Meur of ShakesPURR!
2 of 5 Nominations for 2009 SIRE OF THE YEAR (All Breeds) … ShakesPURR’s Little Love-God of Flamboyant and Flamboyant Code Blue L’Meur of ShakesPURR!
1 of 7 Nominations for LITTER OF THE YEAR (All Breeds) … ShakesPURR’s Every Inch A King, ShakesPURR’s Lord Of Jealousy, ShakesPURR’s Thine Eyes I Love and ShakesPURR’s Till It Be Morrow!
1 of 6 Nominations for 2009 CATTERY OF THE YEAR!

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